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Primary care in Bangkok made easy

Offering smooth and

efficient service

What we offer

Minimal Wait Times

English Speaking Doctors & Nurses

Trustworthy Lab Results

Competitive & Transparent Prices

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Main Services

Doctor Consultation

Clinic Fee

Nurse Home or Hotel Visit

Wound Dressing

800 Baht 

300 Baht 

starts at 1,000 Baht

starts at 500 Baht

Health Checkups & Packages

Under 30

Ages 31-40

Basic Male 41-50

Complete Male 41-50

Basic Female 41-50

Complete Female 41-50

Basic Male over 50

Complete Male over 50

Basic Female over 50

Complete Female over 50

Hormone Panel Male

Hormone Panel Female

Basic Antioxidant/Vitamin Panel

Complete Antioxidant Panel 

2,699 Baht 

2,999 Baht 

3,399 Baht 

5,999 Baht

3,399 Baht 

6,299 Baht 

5,399 Baht 

8,099 Baht

5,799 Baht 

8,699 Baht 

4,999 Baht 

2,799 Baht

3,299 Baht 

5,999 Baht 

Micronutrient Panel

14,999 Baht 

Checkup Table.png

IV Drips, Injections, Vaccinations

Hangover IV Drip

Energy IV Drip

Super Energy IV Drip

Immunity IV Drip

Super Immunity IV Drip

Brain Booster IV Drip

Super Brain Booster IV Drip

Liver Detox IV Drip

Jet Lag IV Drip

Food Poisoning IV Drip

Sports Recovery IV Drip

Glowing Skin IV Drip

Iron Infusion

Curcumin IV Drip

2,500 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

5,000 Baht

3,500 Baht 

5,000 Baht 

7,000 Baht 

8,000 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

4,500 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

3,500 Baht 

6,500 Baht 

Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin D Injection

1,000 Baht 

3,000 Baht 

Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)

Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Vaccine

Dengue Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

800 Baht 

2,500 Baht 

5,000 Baht 

6,500 Baht 

Medication Refills

We stock vital medications and ensure that they are always available at our facility. Additionally, we provide the benefit of delivering your medications straight to your home for extra convenience.

Contact us to fill your prescriptions!

Home and Hotel Visits

To make it as convenient as possible, we offer a variety of our services at your residence for a nominal extra fee starting at 1,000 Baht around central Bangkok during our clinic hours. 

Contact us to book your appointment!


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Opening Hours

Tuesday-Sunday: 9am to 6pm

Monday: Closed

PrimeCare Co., Ltd

Mille Malle Sukhumvit Soi 20

2nd floor, Room 205

Bangkok 10110 Thailand


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